The RORO skips are our more popular skips available at Skip Hire Belfast. You can depend on our reliable and prominent Roll On Roll Off skip hire services for your commercial, business or more extensive domestic waste clearance needs. These RORO skips can take all the trash thrown into them to landfills for proper trash disposal procedures.



We facilitate our clients with the best RORO skips and different sized skips. A 20-yard skip size is the smallest RORO skip size available at Belfast skip hire. Other skip sizes available at the most trusted Belfast skip providing company are;

  • 20-Yard Skip Hire Size Belfast
  • 25-Yard Skip Hire Size Belfast
  • 30-Yard Skip Hire Size Belfast
  • 40-Yard Skip Hire Size Belfast

Our clients trust us as we provide quality skips at the lowest possible prices for their budget relief and easy waste elimination process. You can get our services and skips at minimum prices for keeping your construction site clean by removing your bulky and voluminous waste.



Our smallest 20-yard skip hire size is the best option to eliminate waste if your waste elimination need is about 220 to 230 black bags of trash around your construction or commercial site. The dimensions of our 20-yard skip hire are 20x 8×4 in length, width and height, respectively. You can throw massive and bulky waste in our top-quality skip after describing your waste type as you can quickly put office equipment, concrete, large boards, furniture etc., in these skips. We at Belfast Skip Hire around you at Belfast are the only reliable and best quality skip provider who are determined to provide rapid and client-oriented skips with a real professional sense.


A 20-Yard skip hire size is the best customer supportive skip for commercial and industrial clients available at skip hire Belfast to remove waste from their sites. We provide low-priced best quality skips to eliminate their trash at affordable prices and be a part of a green environment. But just a minute, you can have some extra discount too after telling your waste type, duration and location skip hire delivery and collection. We offer such facilities to provide convenience to our clients.


Being one of the largest skip providers, we offer the best 25-yard skip hire size in Belfast at affordable prices with 5x8x20 feet in height, width and length, which means it can carry up to 280 bags of trash. Belfast skip hire works individually to ensure that our clients get skips services exactly what they need. Our 25-yard skip hire size Belfast is the best option to remove large amounts of industrial and construction waste. Our professional team is ready to guide you 24/7 for further information.


Combining many years of experience with nationwide coverage Belfast Skip Hire provides waste management services tailored to your specific requirements. Whatever your trash stream or whether commercial or private, customer satisfaction is our central goal. We ensure our clients ‘ complete satisfaction with our budget-friendly and diligent skip services. Our professional customer care staff guides the clients for easy booking of skips suiting to their needs and budget. Delivered to every village, town or settlement in Belfast, our skip hire prices are minimal and cost-effective with a £20 extra discount on these affordable skips. You will indeed love to continue our services once you get our 25-yard skip service.


At Belfast skip hire, we have the right sized 30-yard skip for your location that can assist you to free up space by eliminating waste and clutter laying there that you need to dispose of. The trash can include building materials after an industrial building’s strip out service or rubbish from a complete home renovation such as carpets or building furniture. We offer 20 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 6.5 feet high 30-yard skip size with more than 300 waste bags capacity. For gravel waste disposal and soil demolition, our 30-yard skips are the best choices.



Belfast skip hire is leading the industry in skip providing services at flexible prices. We offer the best 30-yard skip hire at minimal costs compared to Belfast’s other skip-providing companies. We offer you skips after your given flexibility of tackling your business’ or commercial waste. Our services will enable you to make considerable savings and give you complete peace of mind that your trash is being dealt with in a way that has less impact on the environment. We prioritise our customers and offer them an extra discount on their skip service bookings.


Extremely giant, the largest among all a 40-yard Roll On Roll Off skip is beneficial for commercial and industrial clients to place at their industrial sites to remove enormous waste created on these sites. The 40-yard skips generally measure8 feet wide x 8.5 high x 20 feet long (1.07m x 2.44m x 6.10m) and can handle approximately 440 bags of trash. Its extensive size makes it a better option for carrying bulky, massive and heavy waste produced on industrial and construction sites. 


The average price for a 40-yard skip is very low compared to other skip providing companies in Belfast. Several elements like geographic location, duration, type of waste etc., can impact the 40-yard skip hire cost in Belfast. 40-yard Roll On Roll Off skip size Belfast is the best skip suiting the extensive waste requirements of people to eliminate large amounts of trash. We at Belfast skip hire provide our clients with the best skip services at low prices to meet their needs with additional discount offers, which make us clients’ first choice for skip hire.

RORO vs Maxi Skip Hire Comparison

Roll On Roll Off skip sizes are the best option for extensive trash removal and heavy junk elimination tasks. Maxi skips as having little space than RORO skips can not be filled and overloaded; on the other hand, RORO skips with more space can carry more waste than maxi skips. RORO skips can accommodate the voluminous size of the debris, and you have the option of extension in the hiring period. On the other hand, maxi skips can not be kept for more than 14 days, or you will be required to pay extra charges for extension in maxi skips’ hire period. RORO skips are more useful when your waste elimination need is more than 440 waste bags.

RORO vs Builders Skip Hire Comparison

RORO skips are the best option for larger commercial and industrial trash elimination tasks. RORO skips are primarily used in large-scaled developmental projects for disposing of large waste amounts. In contrast, builder skips are beneficial for smaller construction projects. RORO skips are best for massive industrial, extensive garden renovation, commercial and construction sites’ waste. On the other hand, builder skips are meant for medium-sized garden trash elimination. Commercial contractors always go with Roll On Roll Off skips as they also have enough space to place these skips on their sites to remove their heavy waste.

RORO Skip Hire Benefits

Benefits of builders skip hire are given below;

Lower Cost, Highly Efficient

Junk heaps and large amounts of waste are regularly produced on pretty bustling construction sites, having long-run projects. Waste that is not managed correctly might be dangerous for people as broken glasses, edgy woods, or other metals can harm them. RORO skips are the perfect fit on these bustling sites as they can handle heavy and large amounts of waste.

Health and Safety

Large amounts of waste produced at construction sites are always tricky to handle as they can harm health. The large skips in various categories will save you from these health issues caused by different chemicals or other risky materials.

Wide Capacity

RORO skips at skip hire Belfast are ideal for colossal and extensive scale trash elimination requirements. These skips have ample space and offer more space to keep large construction leftovers. If you have enough space at your industrial sites, you can place these skips there to control your trash efficiently.

Decreased Load

After hiring a skip container, you will complete a project without the hassle by throwing the random trash in that skip keeping the site clean. This will secure you from trash accumulation, large heaps and loads of debris. 


Proper and timely treatment of waste generated anywhere is appropriate for human health and is environmentally friendly. The extensive construction and industrial sites must have an eco-friendly policy and a proper arrangement to dispose of large amounts of waste correctly. Skip hire services are always eco-friendly as they deliver and collect skips on time which saves the environment and human health.