Skip Hire Belfast is the largest mini skip hire service provider with excellent cost-effective prices and quality products in Belfast. We have designed high-quality mini skip hire services, which will help you achieve your goals in managing different projects with mind satisfaction. Mini Skip hire company Belfast has experienced professional team members who design the best mini skip for you to hire.



Mini skip hire Belfast design the right size of mini skips to go through your project. We provide the best mini skip to suit perfectly with your job. The mini skip is a perfect design to go through your career. A 2-yard mini skip is a popular tool for small jobs like garden and small refurbishment projects. The 2-yard mini skip Belfast is cheaper and easy to handle skip size. You can hire the 3-yard skip if you have a renovation and rehabilitation project at your home. Our company provides powerfully and quality skips anywhere in Belfast at a lower price.



Our company always designs the best products to deliver excellent services to the customer in Belfast. The 2-yard mini skip is a popular design for managing small projects. A 2-yard skip has the capacity of 20 to 30 black bin bags of waste material. It is the smallest skip size in skip hire categories in terms of dimensions. Its dimensions are; 5 ft Length x 4 ft Weight x 3 ft Height. You can use it entirely to get rid of your home and garden waste. It is the most frequently hired skip size due to its convenience in handling. Skip Hire Belfast is the most famous skip hire company who is providing 2-yard skip size at competitive pricing. 



The cost of each company skips depends upon its size and the capacity of waste accumulation. Mini skip hire Belfast is the best way to remove unwanted waste material from your home and garden. There are several companies in Belfast which provide skip hire services. The 2-yard mini skip will cost you from £126 to £271 These prices may change due to hiring period, and location. We offer 2-yard mini skip hire with the best affordable price in Belfast. The 2-yard mini skip is perfectly designed at a low cost to provide you with the best of services at a lower price.


3-yard skip is a perfect design for cleaning small-sized wastes of home, bathroom, gardens, and kitchen. 3-yard skip design is one of the best waste removal solutions. The 3-yard mini skip can accumulate 30 to 40 black bins of waste products. The dimensions of the 3-yard mini skip are; 6 ft length x 4 ft width x 3 ft height. The 3-yard mini skip designed for carrying small organic waste like wood, furniture, domestic waste, and much more. 3-yard skip has been popular for being hired for domestic purposes. Its size is the perfect option for home rehabilitation jobs.


Our company is one of the leading ones in delivering mini skips at low price in Belfast. 3-yard skip is one of the most wanted choices of many customers, primarily used to remove small-sized organic waste material from homes and gardens. The prices of the 3-yard mini skip start from £158 to £271. These prices are not fixed and can increase or decrease depending upon your location, and hiring period. Mini skip hires Belfast is a famous company delivering 3-yard skip at a low price throughout Belfast. The 3-yard mini skip is specially designed for swift and reliable removal of waste material at a very cheap cost. Mini skip hires Belfast provides professional and friendly hire services that will never get beaten on price. 

Mini vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison.

The mini skip is useful for operating a small waste project. Its usually have low waste holding capacity. Mini skip holds 2-3 cubic yards, equal to 25-40 black bin bags full of waste material. 2 yard and 3-yard mini skip come in this category. Midi skips are those skip which has a higher capacity of holding waste products. Midi skips usually hire to carry a large amount of organic waste. Midi skip holds 4-5 cubic yards, equal to 45-60 black bins bags.

Mini vs Builder Skip Hire Comparison

Mini Skips are perfectly fit for small scale waste management projects. Mini skip, because of their small size, can easily be handled. Mini Skips usually hire for household jobs, garden cleaning, kitchen and bathroom renovation. Builder skips are enormous and are hiring for Large scale projects. Builders hold 6-8 cubic yards and can accumulate 70-90 black bins bags full of waste material. Builder skips are popular for disposing of hardcore, remodelling of the garden and have the capacity to remove large and bulky waste material efficiently. Builders are prominent as compared to mini skip and work efficiently for an extended period.

Mini Skip Hire Benefits

Cleaning your office or renovating your home, the problem of waste material is always constant. There are several techniques for getting rid of waste products, but the most convenient method is mini skip hire services, which benefits a lot.

Save Time

Moving away from your home towards the dumping site may waste most of your time. Time management is always tricky, But mini skip hire can save a lot of your time. You just need to hire a bin and fill it; the skip company will collect it for proper dumping.

Save Money

Mini skip hire services can also help us to save our money. Using conventional methods of waste management is always expensive. It will cost you extra for carrying away the waste material towards the dumping site. Mini skip hire services provide an excellent and easy solution for disposing of our organic waste at a low cost. 

Environmental Friendly

Environmental pollution is the most crucial problem in today’s world. Mini skip hires companies that always design environmentally friendly products. You can sell many of the skip materials such as plastic and metals to recycling companies.

Efficient And Cheap

Mini skip hire services help in the removal of waste material easier and efficiently. You just need to gather all the waste products of your home, office, or garden in one place. The mini skip hire company will carry away your waste material to the dumping site with its well-experienced staff.