Skip Hire has never been an easy task; if you manage a building project or renovate your home, we can help you in achieving your goals. We offer the best quality Builders Skip Hire Belfast, designed to provide you with both job satisfaction and complete peace of mind. A friendly team of professional advisors at Skip Hire Company Belfast will assist you in selecting the best and cost-effective skip according to your needs.



As the most trusted Builders Skip Hire Belfast, we strive to ensure your satisfaction. Skip Hire Belfast offers two distinct Builder Skip Hire Sizes to help you remove your waste, including a 6 Yard Skip Hire Belfast, and an 8 Yard Skip Hire Belfast. Builders Skip Hire Sizes are vital to dispose of larger rooms refurbishment waste or small homes clearouts. If your waste elimination requirements are approximately 110 trash bags, you can confidentially go for our builders skip hire sizes.



A 6-Yard Builder skip is large enough to handle the waste material of construction projects at the domestic level, such as larger room refurbishments or kitchen and bathrooms remodelling. When you have less budget, these skips can be the best choice. 6-Yard Builder Skip Hire Belfast has the dimension of 6 feet in width, 4 feet in height and 10 feet in length. This skip size is capable of carrying 60 to 70 trash bags. You can use this skip size for small construction projects or household chores. You can throw your trash in this skip through a wheelbarrow, thanks to the drop-down front.



Belfast Skip Hire Near Me is always proud of being the first choice of the customers for providing the best quality skip hire services at exceptionally low prices. A 6-Yard Skip Cost Belfast is cheap compared to other companies providing skips in the area. The average price of 6-yard skip hire in Belfast is £229 to £270. But wait a little more, a surprise is there for you! A £20 discount is waiting for you to hire our 6-yard skip, and you will get an extra value to save your pounds.


Skip Hire Belfast offers various skip sizes to its customers to achieve their goals. Builders Skip Hire Belfast provides a versatile and the most economical 8-Yard Skip Hire Size. This extraordinarily cheap skip hire has more space than a 6-Yard skip.The larger dimensions of an 8-Yard Builder Skip Size are 4 feet high, 6 feet wide, and 12 feet long, allowing the customers to throw some extra waste from your construction or commercial site. The skip can hold more than 90 bags of waste, making the waste elimination process more safe and convenient.


The average prices of the most versatile 8-yard builder skip size Belfast are £211 to £ 280 depending on the skip hiring period and location where you require the skip delivered. These are the lowest skip prices with authentic returns in the form of safety, ease and convenience. We in Belfast are committed to supplying the best skip hire in your region. Our prices are unbeatable compared to all the other skip hire providing companies. Belfast Skip Hire is determined to deliver your skip as per your requirement same day or the time you are convenient.

Builders vs Midi Skip Hire Comparison

Builders skip hire sizes are more significant in dimensions and capacity than midi skip hires. For your convenience regarding appropriate skip size selection, we provide a brief comparison of both skip categories. Midi skip sizes range from 4 – 5-yard midi skips; on the other hand, builder skips are divided into larger categories ranging from 6-8 yard skips. Builder skips are beneficial for larger projects like home renovations, extensive room refurbishments or kitchen and bathroom remodelling; in contrast, midi skips are better for smaller projects. The builder skips are a little pricey with more benefits than midi skips because of larger dimensions and extra waste capacity.

Builders vs Maxi Skip Hire Comparison

A clear difference is there in builders and maxi skip sizes. The builder skips are available in two categories: 6-yard builder skips and 8-yard builder skips, while maxi skips are categorized into five types ranging from 10 to 18-yard maxi skips. If your waste elimination need is less than 100 bags, you can confidently select a builder skip size for your site cleanup. Builder skips have smaller dimensions than maxi skips. Builder skips are best for smaller construction sites projects, while maxi skips are best for bulky and large amounts of trash material.

Builders Skip Hire Benefits

Benefits of builders skip hire are given below;

Safety First

When construction work trash and more enormous junk piles are thrown in the open trash, it may be dangerous for your health and complex to manage such waste piles. Hiring skips from a trusted company provide you with a professional team having the appropriate tools to collect harmful trash, ensuring your safety first.


One of the fantastic things about skip hire is that it values your time and money. You must do nothing with a professional team; sit back and relax your mind or do your other relevant tasks and utilise the time productively. Our builders skip hire team will manage the work efficiently and quickly.

Builders’ Safety

Trash is accumulated more quickly on building sites than in other places. Keeping a skip on these sites from the beginning of work maintains the building’s safety and cleanliness, stopping inefficiencies and injury for people working there even can save your time also.

Sized To You

When you need a skip for your property, you are confused about which skips size will be appropriate for you? Builders skips are efficient and beneficial for you when you do small construction projects. These skips are designed suiting to your requirements.


Skip Hire Belfast removes trash in an eco-friendly way. We try to save the environment by accumulating the trash around you in the skips and also try our best to recycle the rubbish and properly dispose of the rest of the waste to protect the environment.